Mick Jagger

Mick Jagger, Los Angeles 1972


Archival pigment print

Ed 17/50, 51x72 cm

For the EXILE ON MAIN STREET session, Mick had the idea of the Stones coming down the ramp of a ship ‘defecting’ to France – for tax reasons. Rather than risk shooting at the Long Beach docks, I decided to build a set. The session began at midnight. Mick’s assistant, in period costume, impulsively turned to kiss Mick and lost her footing and they both came down. I captured a sequence of shots that we turned into postcard inserts of classic ‘Stones’ moments that have since become valuable collectors items. I art directed the EXILE ON MAIN STREET album package. Mick was very hands-on and the final decision maker. One afternoon, we asked him to hand-write the liner notes, which we pasted on to layout. We created the album package design right there in that moment.


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